Pokemon 2017 Kiri-e art TENUGUI Gengar Hand towel [4573168906553]

Pokemon 2017 Kiri-e art TENUGUI Gengar Hand towel [4573168906553]

Weight: 50g

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Product Description

Manufacture: twincre
Item size: Approx. 35 x 88 cm
100% Cotton

Condition: Brand new.


Tenugui is a thin Japanese traditional hand towel made of cotton cloth.
It is typically rectangular, plain weaved and is almost always dyed with some type of pattern.

The Tenugui are all made by the Japanese traditional method,
which is a dying technique.

Another feature of the tenugui is that the both ends are not stitched intentionally.
This helps the tenugui to dry quicker when it gets wet,
and makes it easier to clean.
The frayed seams are naturally attached together about 1cm from the edges so you don't have to worry about it ripping.

1 Please wash by hand in a bowl of cold water
2 Dry in shade ( avoid direct sunlight)
x Do not use detergent or hot water
x Do not wash with other items.
x Do not leave Tenugui wet ( colors may fade)


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