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    Best Professor!
    By Grimmkin Wisp
    I’m overjoyed that Prof. Augustine Sycamore got his own mini mascot plush! He’s the best Pokémon Professor, and absolutely deserves it. Of all of the professors, he will always be my favourite. The little plushie itself is very cute and wonderfully detailed; it really encapsulates the kindly and charming Prof. Augustine well. Love his lab coat, serene expression, and voluminous swooping hair. He’s a handsome fellow even in chibi form! So nice to have this little scientist with me, and I am pleased that he’s a bit bigger than I expected. Excellent quality all around.

    Hopefully Prof. Augustine will get a full-size trainer plush (and I’m also hoping desperately that Colress, Lysandre, Ghetsis, Maxie, and ALL of the Secret Team Bosses get their own mascots and/or full-size trainer plushies eventually!)

    I am a long-time customer of Asakura-Japan, and I’m always so pleased with the fair prices, excellent service, and fast shipping from Japan. Thank you very much! (:
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